Friday, July 29, 2011

Australia/Hawaii 2002, part 1: Honolulu

Flashback to my "Down Under: World Tour 2002", part 1, wherein I go from Houston to Honolulu to Sydney (IAH - HNL - SYD). In retrospect, reading this seems almost quaint - I had a new digital camera for the first time, and I had my new-ish Palm m505 PDA to take notes on and to keep my calendar straight (and as I found out much later, the m505 problem was caused by a buggy game that I loaded right before I left). Apparently it was the first in-flight entertainment system flight I had taken, too. Except for the stuff I spontaneously did, I did most of my planning for this trip over the internet on my own.

Saturday, September 14, 2002: Houston to Honolulu
The longest day (or: Delayed and De-lei’d)

Well, I’m off to a flying start – pun intended. After a restful 3-1/2 hr sleep, my alarm goes off at 5:30 so I can leave at 6. Which I actually do, surprisingly. On my way to the airport I took a wrong turn (I misremembered how the highways and airport are laid out) and lost nearly a half hour while I backtracked. That got me to the airport check-in line at 7:11, just within the 30-minute check-in rule for a 7:45 flight. Oops, they changed the time of the flight, it’s now at 7:40 so I’m 29 minutes before the flight. And therefore I can’t take that flight. Originally, I was to have left at 7:45 with a 40 minute layover in LA, getting into Honolulu at 12:30 local. Now they’ve got me on standby for the 9:40 direct to Honolulu (gets in at 12:45), and if that doesn’t work, I have to hang around until 11:35 for the next direct flight (gets in at 2:40). If I have to take the later one, at least I have a confirmed aisle seat for the 8-hour flight. Good thing Continental has a hub in Houston with so many flights out to Honolulu. Scratch one flight segment from my pre-trip estimate of 14…

Flashback: 2002 Australia & Hawaii trip report

Haven't used this one in a while so I'll repurpose it for a bit. It was pointed out to me that all my older (2002-2009) photos are hosted on Webshots, which is where I put them before my trip to China in 2009 forced me to buy a Flickr pro account (Webshots is blocked there, Flickr isn't). So while waiting for the plane in the Shanghai airport to take me to Beijing, I bought an account and put up a bunch of pictures.

What I'll be doing here for a while is not just posting pictures, but my annotated trip reports from past vacations. First up: my 3-week journey from Houston to Australia by way of Honolulu. This was originally hosted on Geocities but when they went away so did my trip report. I'll have to reformat it a bit for a series of blog posts.