Wednesday, March 30, 2016

China/Korea 2009: days 20-22 (Seoul)

Seoul days 3-5: Saturday, Sunday, Monday 10/17-19/09
Here are the photos from Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

Took a bus back from Daejeon to the Seoul airport on Saturday morning, then caught the train back into the center of town. I checked in at another Ibis Hotel (a sister property to the one I had stayed in the previous weekend) and went back out to the Namdaemun Market. I love local markets and seeing how similar and different they are from what I'm used to. I didn't really have much on my list of things to do for the weekend except enjoy it.

The one big thing I had, though, was the Texas vs Oklahoma football game. I had made arrangements with the local Texas Exes alumni group via email to meet up, as they were going to be watching the game at a bar that was going to stay open past normal hours, and watch the game over the internet from someone's Slingbox back in Detroit. Due to the time differential, the game started at 1am on Sunday in Seoul, and I left around 5am. Made it back to my hotel to see the sun rise around 6:30.

Didn't mean to sleep the whole day away, but I woke up around 4:30pm on Sunday, having slept the entire day. The only thing left on my list to do was to go up to the Seoul Tower, which I had planned to do during the day, but oh well. There's a park at the base of the tower where the kids were playing in the laser light show, and wireframe models of people flying that were illuminated after dark. Had dinner at Cibo Cima for Italian, then made my way via metro over to the Hongdae area for drinks and a look around the night life part of town.

Monday morning was a travel day. Off to the airport and my long flight back to Atlanta, about 14 hours - though due to the time changes, it would only be an hour or so after leaving ICN that I'd get into ATL. On the flight out, I was stuck in the middle on the left side of the plane (a 747 in 3-5-3 configuration), on the flight back it had improved slightly to be the #2 seat in the middle section, with one guy on my left and nobody on my right in the #3 seat (but couldn't move there because the #4 and #5 seats were occupied). So at least I had an armrest to myself. Had the Korean food option over the American option, for one last Korean meal. My flight from Atlanta to Houston at least gave me an aisle seat with nobody in the middle.

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