Tuesday, March 29, 2016

China/Korea 2009: day 8 (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong day 1: Monday 10/5/09
Map of my Hong Kong stops, this day in blue; here are the photos from today. Yellow highlights in the text correspond to flags on the map.

Early but uneventful cab to the airport for uneventful flight to Hong Kong.

Monday’s newspaper says 1.5 mil people were at Tiananmen Square Sat and Sun, police overwhelmed at limits. Mid autumn festival, 8 day holiday. Tiananmen Square closed for weeks prior for rehearsals. The 56 pillars at the Square are new and represent ethnic minorities in China, 1st addition to the Square since Mao's tomb on 1976, but possible bad feng shui.

Flew into the HKG airport and bought a round-trip train ride on the Airport Express. You can take it to Kowloon Station and get a free transfer to a bus that will take you to your hotel. It's fast (only a 20 minute train ride) but more expensive than the bus or regular rail. After dropping my stuff off at my hotel (The Butterfly on Prat) I grabbed a late lunch at King's Noodles & Dumplings, a typical HK noodle place. Walked down Chatham to the waterfront Avenue of Stars (think the Hollywood Walk of Fame, only for Hong Kong and Chinese movie people) right outside the Hotel Intercontinental, and watched the people fishing, biking, and being tourists. Got there around 4:30 and stayed through dusk around 6:15 and after sunset around 7pm. Wandered up Nathan St. and around the Kowloon area til about 10, then stopped in Genki Sushi inside the Ocean Centre Plaza for dim sum (sushi on plates on a conveyor belt). Took pictures of the neighborhood til about 11.

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